Chondromalacia Knee Brace

Often called “runner’s knee,” Chondromalacia is inflammation on the bottom of the patella or kneecap and deterioration of the cartilage. The cartilage in your kneecap is a shock absorber and provides cushion during exercise; typically, this cartilage glides smoothly across the knee, but occasionally the kneecap rub against one side of the knee joint and causes irritation and/or pain. The most common cause of chondromalacia is from overuse or muscle weakness in the injured leg; as the cartilage wears over time and the kneecap rubs the side, you may hear grinding or clicking and feel irritation, which causes pain.

The best treatment for managing chondromalacia is using a brace, resting, icing, taking anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy exercises to fix muscle imbalances in the quad, hamstring, hips, glutes, and calves. We offer a variety of knee and leg braces that can help prevent and soothe irritation caused by chondromalacia.

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