Alignmed Women’s Posture Shirts

Alignmed Women’s Shirts are an excellent choice for enhanced performance, increased range of motion, injury prevention, pain reduction, and faster recovery. Each posture shirt is anatomically constructed with tension panel Neurobands technology that activates and stimulates specific muscle groups and joints to keep you in perfect form. Controlled resistance causes your muscles to contract, increasing core strength while supporting your spine and shoulders. These shirts are recommended for anyone recovering from injury or surgery, and consistent wear can have a wide range of benefits, including improving alignment, increasing oxygen intake, improving blood flow, accelerating healing, and decreasing everyday wear and tear on joints. Alignmed Women’s Shirts also feature vented Powermesh panels for superior moisture wicking and anti-microbial protection during extended use.

We carry several Alignmed Womens Shirts, including the Alignmed Posture Zipper Shirt and the Alignmed Posture Pullover Shirt.

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