Knee Supports

Comfortland Medical knee braces provide stability and support for those with chronic knee pain, stiffness, or instability. They are effective in treating a number of mild-moderate knee injuries, including injuries of the collateral ligaments, menisci, and patellar retinaculum, as well as for post-op knee rehabilitation. Their Universal and Hinged knee braces are built with lightweight, breathable material, and a sturdy design and adjustable hinge help to stabilize the knee, promote proper alignment, relieve pain, and eventually restore full mobility. Each brace is easily adjustable for ideal placement, and elastic straps both above and below the brace help to prevent extra migration and movement.

We carry several Comfortland Medical knee braces, including the popular OA Universal Knee Brace, Universal Hinged Knee Brace, and the Universal Hinged Wraparound Knee Support.

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