Donjoy Back Support Braces

Donjoy back support braces are uniquely formulated for post-operative, post-traumatic or chronic spinal pathology. Their back supports and braces restrict forward flexion and encourage a hyperextension posture, and several Donjoy back braces offer both back support and abdominal compression to keep those muscles supported. Unsupported muscles may compensate for others and become strained, creating even more back problems.

In addition to post-op back braces, Donjoy also offers posture and lumbar support braces. These hold the upper body in perfect formation to help develop muscle memory and improve posture. On the other hand, their Exos line of braces provides a higher degree of spinal support and relief from a wide range of indications, from acute lower back pain to postoperative support. Browse our variety of Donjoy back supports below.

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