Knee Supports

Acting as the primary shock-absorbers in most movements, strong and mobile knees are extremely important to keep your body moving. Shock Doctor offers a variety of knee supports that provide stability, protection, and support for injured or swollen knees; particularly during activity or exercise. Their knee supports and braces come with varying levels of protection and stability, so you choose the right amount of support for your particular condition. Shock Doctor knee supports can be used during the healing process for a multitude of knee injuries, including ACL/PCL Injuries, medial/lateral instability, hyperextension, patella instability, meniscus injuries, and ligament sprains. Light exercise and enhanced circulation are one of the best ways to deal with sore joints and tissues, which makes Shock Doctor’s compression wraps and knee braces particularly helpful for all sorts of knee injuries.

We carry a variety of Shock Doctor knee supports, including Bio-Logix Knee Brace, Knee Compression Wrap, and the Knee Support with Dual Hinges.

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