Medicare Approved Back Braces

For those living with lower back pain, many doctors recommend a back brace. Wearing a back brace can provide extra support to your lower back when participating in daily activities, and is the best way to prevent re-injuring your back after an injury occurs. Back braces offer compression, which helps stabilize your back as you move around and can help with inflammation. Some individuals also wear back braces to help with posture and slouching. If you are covered by Medicare, you may be able to have the cost of your back brace covered once they deem it a medical necessity. Medicare considers back braces “prefabricated orthotics,” and they can be incredibly helpful for someone living with chronic lower or upper back pain.

We carry a variety of Medicare-approved back braces, including from top brands such as Donjoy, SLEEQ, and Aspen. Browse our selection below.

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