Iliotibial Band Syndrome Braces

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is a knee condition that is often seen in cyclists, runners, and long-distance walkers. The iliotibial band is a thick ligament that attaches from your pelvis down to the side of your knee, and helps to stabilize the knee during activity. When the IT band is tight, it causes pain on the outside of the knee, just above the joint, and up to the hip. IT band pain or discomfort is not severe, but it can keep athletes and other active people from participating in the activities they enjoy.

People typically find relief in wearing a brace to help reduce some of the pressure being applied to the knee. These braces work by relieving tension and preventing the IT band from rubbing against the femur. In addition to bracing your knee for ITBS, strengthening exercises, icing and cold therapy, and rest will help with pain relief and recovery for your IT Band pain. We carry a variety of knee braces from top brands, including DonJoy, McDavid, and Shock Doctor, for IT Band pain.

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