MCL/LCL Injury Braces

Both the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) help stabilize the knee as you move. The LCL is the lateral collateral ligament on the outside of your knee that helps connect your thigh bone to the smaller bone on your lower leg. The LCL keeps the knee from buckling towards the outside. Athletes often tear their LCL through impact or a hit to the inside of the knee, which causes the ligament on the outside of the knee to stretch too far. The MCL, medial collateral ligament, is the opposite of the LCL, where the ligament lies on the inside of your knee.

Whether you have an MCL or LCL injury, it is important to wear a brace to prevent further injury to your knee and the surrounding ligaments. An MCL/LCL brace can help support your knee post-surgery and can be worn any time the knee is at risk. Because of the added strain that sports can have on your knee, braces are especially recommended for athletes and active individuals.

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