Patellar Tendonitis / Jumpers Knee Braces

Jumper’s Knee, commonly known as Patellar Tendonitis, is an injury to the tendon that connects the kneecap to the shin bone. Inflammation of the patellar tendon is often caused by overuse or repetitive movements, such as jumping and running. Jumper’s Knee is often seen in athletes who participate frequently in sports like volleyball or basketball. Swelling of the knee, pain, or stiffness may be felt beneath the kneecap. Wearing a brace for Jumper’s Knee will help apply pressure on the patellar tendon to help reduce pain, and can help absorb force on the knee and give you the support you need while you stay active. We carry a variety of high quality Jumper’s Knee Braces from reputable brands, including Donjoy.

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