DRMedical Revolution AFO

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Product Features and Benefits

Lightweight, low profile brace, great for extended wear
Detachable extender panel option for additional support
Multiple sizes to fit most patients.
Enhanced design adds more rigidity for ankle support helping to prevent ankle inversion, eversion, and abnormal rotation.

Indicated for ankle instabilities, acute & chronic ankle sprains, hind foot arthritis, ankle tendonitis, and ankle arthritis

L1906 without the extender panel
L1971 with the extender panel

Part Size For Men For Women
AB0103-150L-01 Left – Small Up to 8″ Up to 9″
AB0103-150L-02 Left – Medium 8.5″ – 12″ 9.5″ – 13″
AB0103-150L-03 Left – Large 12.5″ + 13.5″ +
AB0103-150R-01 Right – Small Up to 8″ Up to 9″
AB0103-150R-02 Right – Medium 8.5″ – 12″ 9.5″ – 13″
AB0103-150R-03 Right – Large 12.5″ + 13.5″ +
AB0103-150X The Revolution AFO – Extender Panel


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