The Solace LSO – One Size Adjustable Back Brace

The Solace LSO is an adjustable and lightweight back brace that fits waist sizes 25″ to 56″.

The Solace LSO – One Size Adjustable Back Brace


The Solace LSO is an adjustable and lightweight back brace that fits waist sizes 25″ to 56″.

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The SOLACE LSO provides stability and support for sprains and strains of the lower spine, spinal stenosis, displacement of intervertebral discs, and chronic low back pain. Effective in providing compression and support for the lower lumbar area.

Indicated for spinal stenosis, chronic back pain, post operative disk surgery, facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, radiculopathy, degenerative disc syndrome, post operative lumbar fusion, spinal instability, osteoarthritis, herniated disk

Product Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight brace, great for extenderd wear
  • Breathable mesh fabric designed to keep patient comfortable
  • Removable lateral panels
  • Adjustable in size to fit most patients
  • Posterior panel available in 10″ and 14″ to accommodate most wearers


  1. The SOLACE LSO is designed to fit sizes SMALL to 2XL with minimal adjustment. To adjust sizing, simply remove each side of the belt from its Velcro tab on the back panel, cut or fold each side of the belt to the desired size, and re-attach to the Velcro tab on the back panel. (Fig.1)


  1. Place the brace so that the back panel is centered on your spine just above the waist .(Fig. 2)
  2. While keeping the back panel centered, wrap the left side panel around your abdomen.(Fig. 3)
  3. With the left panel held tight to your abdomen, wrap the right side panel around and secure it to the left side panel. Note: Make sure the back panel remains centered on the spine and adjust as needed.(Fig.4)
  4. Grab the compression straps using the thumb loops and simultaneously pull the compression straps away from your body untill the desired level of compression is achieved. (Fig. 5)
  5. While keeping the compression straps tight, bring each strap around and secure to the front of the brace. (Fig. 6)
  6. Extra side panels have been provided for added support and compression. Once desired size has been determined, remove the brace and lay it on a flat surface with the inside of the brace facing upwards. Apply the rigid side panels to both sides of the belt portion of the brace. (Fig. 7)
  7. This Back panel is easily removed via the Velcro provided, and can be added or taken away to customize each individual patient’s level of support.(Fig. 8)


A mesh wash bag is provided for cleaning your brace. Fold the brace and insert into mesh wash bag, pull wash bag cord tight to close. Machine wash cold/warm water with mild soap. Air or line dry ONLY. DO NOT DRY IN DRYER OR BLEACH.


Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 3 in


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