At Core Discount Medical, we take pride in carrying only the highest quality braces, supports, and other therapy products for sports injuries. Our online shop features sports therapy products that focus on arthritis and pain relief, injury prevention, and sports injury rehabilitation for a wide variety of injuries and issues, whether you’re a casual athlete or a pro. We only sell products from the most trusted brands in the industry, including DonJoy, McDavid, Thermoskin, Swede O, Shock Doctor, Breg, Alignmed, Aspen Medical, and more

You can also Shop by Injury or by Brand to find the perfect support or brace for your individual needs. We carry a variety of braces and compression sleeves that can help support your injury and alleviate pain in your knee, ankle, wrist, back and more, giving you the confidence you need to get back to normal and back out on the field. From ankle braces and walking boots to abdominal binders, back braces, and more, shop our wide range of braces and supports, all designed for protection and recovery.

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